12 TikTok Niche Ideas Yet To Be Tapped


Some users have recently started using TikTok as an alternative to dating sites. What is common on the leading dating apps such as Tinder, Match.com or eHarmony. Create a short video about your bio and attach to your profile. Can’t you do the same on TikTok, after all this app is famous for short videos. Videos made in this niche are going viral these days.

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Lawyers And Attorneys

Many lawyers tried to promote their businesses from car accident to personal injury claims. However this niche is still in its early stage, and unless you can offer something quick and meaningful that can be fitted in TikTok’s signature short video format, chances of becoming successful in this niche are difficult.

How To Fix Things

Life hacks and DIY tricks are now popping on TikTok. What use to be YouTube forte is now shifting to TikTok. Videos of how to fix your car or unlock car door with keys saw tremendous success on TikTok. This niche has lots of potential and worth exploring.

Sports And Sports Highlights

Sports can be summed up in a matter of few seconds. But many wow moments from a live game can be as big as 10 -20 seconds. When you capture this WOW moment and post on TikTok, consider your job done. ESPN and sports channels have noticed the potential of this niche and already making huge success by exploring it on TikTok. Few other niche that are either budding or early development stage and carry potential to make the videos go viral are –
  1. Acupressure And Massage Therapy
  2. Cooking Tips
  3. Petcare
  4. TikTok University a.k.a. #TodayLearned
  5. Coupons And Deals
  6. Messaging
Another way to keep your audience engaged is through messaging or a way to communicate with each other. Take Facebook, the popularity of Facebook lies in its ability to keep the users engaged to share personal updates, life events and know the same from their friends and family. Few users open Facebook to learn the new things or check what’s trending on Facebook. A vast majority of users use Facebook or Twitter as personal messaging app to stay in touch with friends and family. The videos app of viral content, TikTok is new to this area but if merged with Microsoft, soon can become a messaging powerhouse.

Market Place

This useful but mostly ignored niche has a huge potential. After entertainment on TikTok when you return back to your regular life, the market place plays an important role. We are in constant need of something or the other, whether it’s a used item, collectibles or service. Facebook Market place recently overtook Craigslist for this exact reason.

Real Estate Business And Promotion

Posting a short videos about your house listing on TikTok can open up a new stream of opportunity. However, this niche is yet to be tapped given that TikTok is believed mainly to be for teenage and young population. But when you dissect this young user group, there are first time buyers who are interested in buying their first home. With the growing user engagement, TikTok can offer a valuable platform to promote your real estate business or as a seller, show 30 second walk through of your property listing. Video of your listing if go viral, can attract more customers to you.

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