10 Profitable Blogging Ideas For New Bloggers

In the current situation of the world due to the coronavirus epidemic, new job fields around the world have lagged behind for at least 10 years. Unemployment among the youth of any country and all over the world was high due to lagging behind in the field of work, moreover, it is increasing. In this situation, educated youth are getting lost or losing their morale, they are getting lost thinking about how they can stand by their family or establish themselves through earning.

If you feel the same way about yourself I would say you are reading the right article. It is not wise to expect your work in this difficult situation around the world. Create a way to earn money and then find out if you want to work or have a hobby. Hopefully, after blogging or starting an online job or business, there is no more desire or need for a job. Because blogging or online work is not compared to jobs.

Just as blogging or any other online activity widens your earning path, you can also gain a worldwide reputation. Again, you can become self-dependent and make other people work or make them self-dependent. But one thing is very important to keep in mind, in the case of any work or blogging online, you have to work honestly, hard, and patiently. You could also save time by making use of the popular marketplace to buy unique blog posts called ArticleMarket. They have millions of prewritten blog articles on lots of topics for like only $1 each.

A lot was I said. Now you are wondering, if you want to blog, then you will start blogging on what topics. The question that comes to everyone’s mind is, what are the most profitable blogging ideas or niches when you start blogging? Here are 10 profitable blogging ideas one by one, my sincere request to you, you know all the ideas well, and start blogging with whatever you like or what you are aware of.

The Most Profitable Blogging Ideas

Below are some of the blogging ideas that you can earn a lot of money in different ways. Just because you have enough patience, the attitude of being established as a result of hard work, honest thinking, and being mentally prepared, mentally prepared, because you have to work hard for any blogging, then there will be great benefits. You have to be mentally prepared for it.

We have various articles on this site, from which you will get a complete idea, how to create a blogging site, how to write a blog, how to maintain the site, how to do SEO of the blog, how to create backlinks? Backlinks Generator Tools, etc. In general, if you are associated with this site, you will get all kinds of blogging ideas.

Before discussing the ideas in detail, I would like to tell you one more thing that you can start blogging with any niche. But you will write a blog with only one niche. This means that your blogging site will depend on a particular niche. It is better to work with micro-niche. Working with the Micro-niche will rank your site very quickly. Now let know all the ideas with details.

1.Health (Weight loss or gain)

If you are a health specialist or a dietitian or a yoga specialist or a meditator, if you have a general idea about health, then you can start blogging about any particular niche, related to health. For example, if you have an idea about the right diet or if you are a dietitian, you can start blogging about how to lose or gain weight through diet.

Nowadays everyone is worried about health, some are gaining weight and some are losing weight, in this case, you can start blogging about health-related micro-niche. In general, there is a lot of search for health-related keywords. You don’t think that everyone is doing health-related blogging, but if you start again, you may not get many benefits. You also think that you can make a good income from health-related blogs.

We are grateful to you for reading this article and we are giving you the same simple tips as we feel it is our duty to give you a simple trick in return for that gratitude. The simple trick is, even if you are not a health expert, you can start health-related blogging. You may read a newspaper or a health magazine at home every day. You can select your topic from this newspaper.

You will see in the newspaper you bought that weekly health-related reports are published. From there, you can select any one niche, for example, diet, weight gain or loss, mental health, yoga, you can start blogging on various health-related topics. Please click here to see the article for details on how to easily write your blog or article from various weekly reports.

2.Investment (Trading, Investing)

If you have an idea about investing or if you are a professional investor in the stock market. Then you can start blogging about investment. Even if you have no idea about investing, you can start blogging about investing. Different courses are taught for free on different YouTube channels. From there you can take free training on stock-market investment. If you have enough desire, you can learn the whole course in a few days.

You can also start blogging about Forex trading. There is nothing to learn together, you just need to know about different forex trading companies, through the internet, and write different blogs by collecting information about each company.

3.Make Money Online

If you have a very good idea about the internet then I would say you can do this kind of blogging. There are thousands of ways to make money online. What kind of ways do you know, you can blog about the ways you know. For example, if you have a general idea of ​​how to make money from YouTube, how to make money from blogging, how to make money from freelancing, how to make money by marketing in affiliate, etc., then you can start blogging about making money online.

There are enough searches all over the world on the topic of making money online. Lots of people are working on this topic, and they are earning enough. You can start with this topic too. You will definitely get good results.

4.Fashion blogging

Everyone has more or less an idea about fashion, many have an idea about what fashion is currently stirring the market. Also, if you are the slightest fashion lover, then you must have some idea about fashion. And if you have no idea, you can still blog about fashion.

Create Different Affiliate accounts with various online markets such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and many more online markets. (I’m using Amazon for example) You know the details of any fashion product from Amazon, after knowing the details, write a blog about that product just like you. Remember that your blog should not be copyrighted.

Now you may be thinking, you wrote the blog in your own way without copying it in any way, but in fashion blogging, you have to use enough images to make the blog attractive. In that case, how do you use copyright-free images? Because the fashion you are blogging about can be very expensive to create your own image of fashion. In the case of using copyright-free images, I would like to inform you that if you join affiliates with Amazon or any marketer, you can copy and use their uploaded images only after a little editing. All you have to do is use the link to the product with the image.

In fact, you can make two kinds of income from this type of blogging. First by using the affiliate link on your blog, if someone buys the product by clicking on the link you use then you will get a commission from the online marker. Second, your blog uses Google Adsense. I can’t tell you the details about affiliate, it takes a lot of time and patience to start talking about affiliate, discussing affiliate in this article can change the topic of this article, so I will try to explain in another article.

Let me tell you if you are a fashion buff, you can start blogging about fashion without any hesitation. I’ve told you before that you start blogging with something you like or that you are fond of and that you know well. Because no one loses patience in hobbies or experienced things. There is nothing that you can do about it. Adequate patience and endurance are required.


Many girls or women love cooking and even many men love cooking. Many people have a hobby of cooking new foods, many people enjoy the joy of life in the novelty of food. Cooking blogging is perfect for these people. Make your every new cooking item world-famous through food blogging or cooking blogging.

From cooking blogging, you can earn a lot of income in different ways and in different ways. For example, you can make new cooking items and publish them on YouTube by making videos of them. You can earn a lot from YouTube. Write a blog with all the details of what ingredients, what to mix with, what to do with the item. You can also embed your published YouTube video with the blog. Give an affiliate link of what ingredients you have cooked with, your income will be from the affiliate. And there is Google Adsense. You can also earn a lot of income from Adsense.

6.Dating and relationships

Nowadays, every youth and young girls have their own attitude towards love affairs. Everyone is very familiar with love. If you are a lover, then you will have enough ideas about relationships and dating. You can start dating and relationship blogging first from some of the things that happen in your life.

You can start with how you first started dating, how you first started a relationship with someone. You can also take different suggestions from yourself and your friends, how they do dating and relationships. You can write a blog from those suggestions. In addition to dating and relationship blogs, create a beautiful community so that different readers can come to your blogging site and build communication with each other so that readers can share their own stories on your site as blogs.

This can make your site grow much faster. However, I would like to remind you that once again, the option of any illegal or dishonest activity should not be on your site. Then the bad name will be more in the place of your reputation. Decreasing may occur in place of Growing Increase. Moreover, you can get involved in legal trouble. So you have to be a little careful in dating and relationship blogging. You may be shown a lot of temptations, how can you not fall into that temptation. Then there is danger.


If you are a beautician then a beauty blog is very useful for you. It is also possible to do a beauty blog even if you do not have much experience. Because there is a beautician hidden in every girl, everyone can dress or groom fairly, this experience starts from their birth. In a way, the hidden beautician attitude of the girls is God gifted. Even if you are a girl and you have no experience, you can still earn a lot of income through beauty blogging. You don’t have to do much, (in the case of girls) you can just start blogging from the things you use for makeup.

Suppose you are using a product to make your face glow, then make a beautiful and attractive video of the way you are using that product on your face, publish the video on YouTube with a very good description. In the case of blogging too, knowing the details of the product, write something about the product and give the affiliate link of the product, what you have done to make your face glow, how you have used it, how long you have used it. This means write all the details in your blog, embed the video that you previously published on YouTube with your blog. It can get you different traffic from different directions.

Income comes from various sources such as YouTube monetization, affiliate, AdSense, etc. I told you very briefly, if you have more details about the beauty blog, you can feel free to contact us. We will try to give as many details as [email protected]

8.Parenting blog

If you have parenting experience or you are a first-time parent, you can start blogging about everything from the birth of your child to the present day. For example, from the time your child is born to the time he or she eats, sleep, and dresses, all the experiences of your child growing up in your lap, you can share as blogging. You can also start parenting blogging by contacting a parenting consultant and collecting information from them according to your requirements.

If you are a mother then you have different experiences of motherhood. Only you have experienced maternity experience, share that experience in your blogging. New mothers will be able to learn a lot from you and they will give you morale. It will be a kind of social service as well as your income.

9.Product Review Blog

The easiest way is to do product blogging. Learn about any product well, if possible buy and use the product yourself then create a good review of that product in the form of a video. Write all the details of the product in your blog, then put the affiliate link of the product in different parts of your blog. This will work for both of you, such as affiliate marketing and blogging. Income sources are also from both sides.

10 Profitable Blogging Ideas For New Blogger

We have already published an article with detailed information about product reviews. So I don’t want to discuss this in this article anymore. If you are interested in blogging product reviews, please see our previous article by clicking here.


If you know tailors work, you can start sewing blogging. Because this sewing blogging is a little difficult. You need to learn Proper Tailoring and then start blogging. And if you have already learned to tailor, I would say that you can do tailoring work as well as sewing blogging.

10 Profitable Blogging Ideas For New Blogger

Whenever you do a tailoring job, you can make money by making a video of that job and publishing it on YouTube with the help of monetization. Also, write a blog with a detailed description of the thing you are creating, embed a YouTube video to make your blog more attractive or easy to understand.

Please click here to learn how to write an SEO friendly blog or article.

Please click here to know the exact rules of writing a blog.


The blogging ideas I have given above are all highly searchable. You do blogging about what you like and what makes you comfortable. But one thing to keep in mind is that you will start blogging by selecting Micro-Niche. Nowadays, if you want to rank in any blogging, you have to go ahead with the obsessive micro-niche.

Here is a possible micro-niche idea for each of our 10 ideas. It’s not that this will happen, it’s just an example. You have the benefit of the doubt.

  • Health (Weight loss or gain) == Diet for weight loss
  • Investment (Trading, Investing) == Best Investing Rules
  • Make Money Online == How to make money from blogging
  • Fashion blogging == Best Indian Fashion
  • Cooking == Indian Veg Food
  • Dating and relationships == Make relationships
  • Beauty == Best Beauty Tips
  • Parenting blog == Best Maternity Care
  • Product Review Blog == Mobile Under 10,000
  • Sewing == Best Salwar Sewing

The keywords mentioned above are not tested, only examples are given to make it easier for you to understand. You can start your career in blogging by selecting any one of these types of niches.

Feel free to let us know in the comment box if you have any comments or complaints about this article. And let us know if you like this article or if it has been of any use to you.

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